Recently, I was beginning to feel behind a lot more these days. You know the feeling of being busier than ever, and you’ve still got a pile of work to do. You realize the year is flying by and you haven’t made time for the things that matter most. That feeling.

Some of it could relate to guilt. (Yes, I’ve been feeling a tad guilty.) Guilt develops when we haven’t made progress on all the should dos and ought tos. There might also be some bitterness and resentment because of the rules that require us to do all the have tos and must dos.

Another more obvious reason could be mental overload. Our brains can create exponentially more ideas and tasks than time allows. Our minds move at the speed of light. Our bodies move at the speed of matter.

Then, throw in all the emails, calls, notifications, and advertisements that chip away at our attention span. It causes us to want to give up or maybe dial back on our goals and aspirations – or at least consider that option.

Know Your Values

I recently did an exercise called the value determination process created by Dr. John Demartini. It allowed me to discover my highest values – my top priorities in life. It was fascinating. I highly encourage you to learn about yours.

I learned every part of our nature is driven by our highest values: finances, relationships, business, fitness, spirituality…everything.

For me, personal development was by far the highest value on my list. As you may know, I constantly consume all kinds of self-improvement books, courses, webinars, podcasts, and videos so I can serve you better.

My second highest value is my entrepreneurial endeavors. I put many waking hours on growing Eversmarts. I wake up at 4:30am so I can do exactly that. It’s something I get to do. Yes, it’s a get to, not a got to.

My third highest value is my relationship with my soul partner, Brenda. She has an amazing understanding about life. And while she is very much a creative type, she also has an intuitive entrepreneurial spirit and thirst for personal growth. We align quite nicely.

Link to What Matters

While determining my values, I learned why I procrastinate on certain projects. They’re not among my highest values. They may be things that society thinks I should be doing, so they get labeled as a should do.

I realized all my should dosought toshave tos, and must dos aren’t among my highest priorities. But, they can be linked to a higher value.

For example, preparing a budget is a must do. Only when I see how it is linked to forecasting future events, can I draw parallels to my entrepreneurial spirit and view the budget from an owner’s perspective. Aha!

Per Dr. Demartini, we can transform a must do to a get to by linking lower-valued work to our highest values. To do this, list as many answers as possible to the following question:

How does this task help me fulfill my highest values?

This new association essentially elevates mundane work higher up on the list of priorities to become something we desire to do. It’s now linked and aligned with your highest values.

Link for Yourself

First, get to know your values. Second, think of as many ways to link your must dos and have tos to your highest values. Try this linking exercise with things you are unable to muster the energy for or delegate to others. Then watch your productivity soar.

I’m fascinated by the potential I see in myself and am encouraged by the improvements you’re making on your life. Please tell me how this helps you.

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