The Smart Property Manager’s Toolkit to
Work Smart, Live Smart and Have Time for Both

You’ve got no time to waste. You’ve got a property to manage.

You’re a busy professional and you’ve got a lot of work to do. You have:

  • Clients to serve
  • Tenants to meet
  • Teams to lead
  • Appointments to keep
  • Reports to write
  • Deadlines to make, and
  • Fires to put out…

…all in a single day! And that’s just your “day job!”

But you also have a life to lead.

You’ve got goals and aspirations of your own. And, you need to make time for what matters. But thus far, you’ve fallen short. You’ve postponed your personal deadlines and milestones once again. And once again, your work has won over your aspirations for a richer life. You say, “This time, it will be different.”

So, you work a little harder and a little longer.

But the harder and longer you work, the further you feel from your goals. You’re falling into the repetitive and never-ending cycle that goes on forever. Just when you think things will get better “just as soon as I finish this project,” more gets put on your plate.

It’s endless.
It’s thankless.
You’ve had enough.

Think how much better and richer your life would be if you had a system that focuses your attention on what’s going to make a difference for you this year?

What if you could design your life using some simple techniques that all but guarantee a perfect work-life balance?

Master Your Calendar fixes all this. Learn more


It seems we never have enough.
But we have all there is.

And that’s OK. It’s how we treat the time we’re given that matters.

As property managers, you already know your property matters. Your clients matter. Your tenants matter. Your team matters. But so do you.

Your goals matter.
Your family matters.
Your future matters.

The key is to find what matters most and then invest time in those things. Only then will we find peace.

Then we have balance.
Then we have certainty.
Then we produce results.
Then we have fulfillment.
Then we have freedom.

Learn more

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With Master Your Calendar you’ll learn how to:

  • Take back control of your day so you can get home in time for dinner.
  • Plan out your week so you can achieve your most important outcomes.
  • Manage your month so you can achieve true balance in key areas of your life.
  • Orchestrate your year so you can accomplish your ultimate goals.
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Weekly Modules

Delivered automatically, each module contains a series of mini-lessons intended to create a win for you each week and restore your work-life balance.

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Email Support

Weekly digest of real-life examples and epiphanies are shared giving context. Ask a question. Offer a suggestion. Your emails will be answered within 24 hours.

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Live Q&A Calls

Delivered in mini-webinar format, these interactive calls provide a weekly review of previous modules and time optimization techniques and enable you to share comments.

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It’s About Time
  • Welcome
  • What’s Inside
  • How to Navigate
  • Getting Started
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Week 1: Master Your Day…NOW!
  • A New Dimension
  • Your Very First Step
  • Quick Start Process
  • How to Master Tomorrow
  • Win of the Day
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Week 2: Set Yourself Up for Mastery
  • The Master’s Philosophy
  • The Six Whys Technique
  • The Power of Routines
  • Know Where Your Time is Spent
  • Your Best Week Ever
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Week 3: How Smart Property Managers Plan
  • Simple Time Management Rules
  • Wide-Angle Lens of Life
  • From Macro to Micro Focus
  • The Power of Yesterday
  • Your Best Month Ever
Calendar icon - 2
Week 4: Your Time Optimization System
  • The TOS Essentials
  • Software
  • Planners
  • Apps & Websites
  • Which System to Choose
Calendar icon - 2
Week 5: Pulling It All Together
  • Your Changing Priorities
  • Your Best Year Ever
  • Your Best Life Ever
  • Time Optimizer Challenge
  • Win of the Week

BONUS Top 10 Time Savers Action Guide

Your reference guide to the Top 10 Time Savers for Property Managers will be at your fingertips. You’ll receive the full Master Class transcript and tactics summary you can refer to over and over until you master your time savers and regain control of your calendar.


By enrolling in Master Your Calendar today you can take advantage of our limited time Scholarship Award*.

Limited time Scholarship Award* ($1,053)

You Pay Only: $197
  • Master Your Calendar 5-week online experience (Value = $500)
  • Weekly Email Support during the 5-week program (Value = $250)
  • Weekly Q&A Calls for LIVE interaction & engagement (Value = $250)
  • BONUS: Top 10 Time Savers Notebook (Value = $250)
  • *Limited time Scholarship Award is effective from the opening of enrollment until the course begins.


There are so many benefits of having a sound time optimization system at work for you. Recaptured discretionary time and confidence from knowing you’re working on exactly what matters.

But let’s just look at the economic impact for a moment. If you make $60k a year, then you earn $30/hour. Let’s assume by putting your new skills to work you could save an hour a day. That’s 5 hours a week, or 20+ hours/month.

If you’re making $30/hour, then those 20+ hours saved equal $600 in economic value. That’s over 300% ROI from the very first month of the program!

Not only that, but you’ll now have more time to:

  • Make more money
  • Get in the best shape of your life, and
  • Strengthen your relationships





How long do I have to access the Master Your Calendar materials?

Every document, tool and resource is 100% downloadable. Assuming you don’t delete them, they’re yours for keeps.

What if I fall behind and just can’t keep up?

You are free to go at your own pace. If you’re tied up, then re-engage when you’re ready.

Is there a place to make and see comments on course materials? Can I keep my comments?

Yes & Yes. There is a comment section within the courseware platform. It’s there to share questions, comments, and accomplishments. Plus you can download the comments you’ve made throughout your journey for future reference…an invaluable tool.

What if the group discussion gets too far ahead?

All Q&A calls will be recorded so you can listen to them whenever you are ready.

I’m just not a “group person.”

Then simply ignore the group. But it may be worth scanning the discussions on how Master Your Calendar has impacted others. Who knows? You might just become a convert!


If you don’t succeed, I don’t succeed. So if you don’t benefit, you shouldn’t pay a dime.

Try Master Your Calendar absolutely risk-free for 30 days. I so strongly believe you will greatly benefit by instantaneously putting time-tested time optimization steps into practice, I will guarantee it 100%.

If you do the work and don’t see the results during the first 30 days, simply email me at to request a full refund.

No questions asked. Zero.

"Master Your Calendar" helped me identify and categorize my time. The tools learned allowed me to recognize wasted time and re-allocate that time to accomplishing the important aspects of my life that were being neglected.

Regina McClendon
MBA, RPA, Property Manager

The Master Your Calendar program provided me with invaluable insights into how to gain control of my time again. It is specifically tailored to the Property Management industry and presented by one of the most respected professionals in the industry.

David Sansom
Senior General Manager, JLL


Yes, I’m with you, Gip! I’m so ready to:

  • Stop wasting time and staying busy

  • Start putting the right systems in place to succeed

  • Restore my work and home life balance

Please give me access to the Master Your Calendar program immediately so I can start saving time quickly and begin doing the things that matter most.

I understand that my order is 100% risk-free and my one-time payment of $197 (that includes a $1,053 Scholarship Award toward the retail program price of $1,250) will give me unrestricted 24/7 online access to all modules for life, each module delivered every seven days.



Gip Erskine, CPM, CCIM
Founder - Mentor - Teacher

Gip is a 30+ year commercial real estate veteran who specializes in property management. Blending his MBA and industry experience with intense study of personal development through coaching and course-work became the genesis of EverSmarts™.

His groundbreaking program, Change Course, offers unique resources and guidance to enhance property managers’ performance by focusing on what truly matters, aligning purpose with goal setting, and providing a framework for exceptional achievement through “goal-getting” strategies.

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