The term “insane” has turned the corner. What was once stereotyped as a misunderstood abnormal mental condition is now in vogue.

  • We have the insanity workout.
  • We boast about our insane workload.
  • We went to an insane concert last night. “It was crazy. Sick. Insane.”

Did you catch the one about the workload? Or did you blow right by it?

Awareness of an insane workload is a quantum leap forward. But awareness is only half the battle. Allowing insanity to be your “new normal” is truly insane. Or is it?

As property managers or in that fact any managers, we continuously endure high levels of work overload. We juggle client requests, billing issues, staff difficulties, and other surprises in our daily activities. Overwhelm ensues.

Frequently, I talk to my colleagues and property team about this new, higher gear we’re in. Everyone’s there and no one’s slowing down. I’ve caught myself amidst this whirlwind of activity. And I’ve heard myself calling it the ‘new normal.’ That’s just the way it is.

Or is it?

Without awareness of our daily stressors, we plod through our days numb to the idea of a better alternative. Maybe any alternative is better than your current reality. And that’s where we sometimes allow ourselves to get lost seeking any distraction that looks like a break from the norm.

Some readily available distractions I often call “shiny objects” include any app on your phone: text, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. As tempting as these shiny objects are, the gratification is short-lived if at all. And the cost far outweighs the benefit of a few moments of “relief.”Rest assured. Sanity is possible. It’s been there all the time. It’s there for the asking. But we must seek it. Thirst for it. Make time to embrace it. Here are three steps you can do right now:

Sanity in the office:

  1. Go for a walk on your breaks.

Nothing clears the mind better than a change of scenery on a peaceful walk. Instead of thinking about all the tasks you have waiting for you back at the office, take time to notice the beauty around you––flowers, trees, the vastness of the sky, or just simply feeling the wind against your skin. Nirvana can be found on a sidewalk near you.

  1. Take advantage of amenities.

Does your building have a common area to lounge in or a lunchtime yoga class? Take advantage of the amenities your building has to offer. Sometimes just sitting in the lobby people watching or having a nice conversation with a co-worker can make all the difference.

Sanity beyond your physical environment:

  1. Pause. Your first step is to simply pause for a moment and dwell in the blissful knowledge that a better alternative exists. Do it right now. Just for a moment. Close your eyes and smile.
  2. Ask. Assuming a glimmer of hope was revealed, your next step is to ask for help. Ask yourself, “What is your single largest problem that, once solved, could pave the way to sanity in my work day?” Think. Do this right now. Be ready to receive wisdom.
  3. Relax. The third step: relax right now. Don’t worry. You won’t look foolish. Recognize that enduring overwhelm is not sustainable. You are ready to do something about it. It’s time to get off the insanity treadmill.

Your road will get smoother…and saner. I know, I’m there.

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