Here’s where everything comes together. Are you ready? If you’ve incorporated the first four steps, then of course you are. 

You already realize upping your game doesn’t mean struggling with life. It’s bringing your awareness to your highest ambitions. Your investment of time and energy is in alignment with your highest values. The ROI is huge. 

Consider the energy invested in your physical fitness, for example. You know the feeling–the soreness–that comes after a workout where you gave it your all? There’s a little discomfort, but you soon begin seeing the results. Your clothes fit better and you feel better about your appearance. It makes that little bit of discomfort well worth it.   

Let’s recap. At this stage in Upping Your Game, you… 

  1. Took responsibility for waking up at least 15 minutes earlier. 
  2. See yourself playing at a new and higher level and you like it there. 
  3. Decided exactly where you want to improve, and 
  4. Know why these improvements are so important to you. 

Now what? 

Aside from waking up earlier, all the other steps are cerebral. They’re thoughts that inspire you. The only thing missing is taking action.  

But not just any kind of action.  

To up your game effectively, you’ve got to create reliable and repeatable success routines.  

Success Routines 

Since the late ‘80s, I’ve been experimenting with daily routines that contribute to my success personally and professionally. I’ve added certain things and discarded others. For the past decade, I’ve focused on devoting my morning hours to establish repeatable routines that set me up for success.   

They have evolved over the years. Yours will, too. But each routine contains the following components in no particular order:  

  • Planning – List of action items to complete that day or week. 
  • Creating – Capturing ideas on ways to improve service. 
  • Exercising – HIIT workouts, yoga, running, swimming, or foam rolling. 
  • Learning – Listening to an audio program or podcast while commuting. 
  • Reflecting – Meditating, praying, and journaling. 

If you rise only 15 minutes earlier than normal, then choose something you can do in that timeframe (hitting the snooze button doesn’t count as an action). Try a 10-minute HIIT workout and taking 5-minutes to list what you’re grateful for.  

If you’re up 30 minutes earlier, you can plan out your most important outcomes for the day, read your affirmations, and meditate. You decide which components matter most to you.  

Fortunately, I’ve been able to build in enough margin in my mornings to incorporate all five growth areas into my routine. When you condition yourself to be an early riser, all of these advantages are available to you.  

Those who up their game do what others won’t. When you play in this league, you’ll appreciate why. In the big leagues…

  • Your awareness gets broader. 
  • Your goals get loftier. 
  • Your thinking gets sharper. 
  • Your plans get clearer. 
  • Your results get better. 
  • Your life gets easier. 

 Welcome to a whole new league. You’re in the bigs now. It’s time to step up to the plate and hit your next home run. Let’s play ball! 


P.S. If you haven’t seen the first four steps, please email my assistant Kristi at They’re short and easy to implement. You’ll marvel at their simplicity. 

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