Here we are in Step #4 already! Are you making progress?  Have you upped your game…even a little?  

If you haven’t, please email my assistant Kristi at so you can read (or reread) Step #1, #2, and #3. They’re short and easy to implement. You’ll marvel at their simplicity.  

By following the first three steps, you’ve created (or will create) the space to visualize a future state and see yourself at the finish line. But, there are two key steps missing from the formula (hence #4 of 5). 

Now that you’ve decided on your goals for specific life dimensions in Step #3, you need to weatherproof them. They’re like precious gems that need care and protection. They’re exciting to be sure. But our attention to them can be directed elsewhere if a storm (e.g. higher priority matter) comes along. 

Your goals can become victims of neglect and postponement. They get pushed off if you think the time isn’t right for them. You can already hear your self-talk:  

  • “Once I get this report out the door…” 
  • “After the next owner’s meeting…” 
  • “As soon as I get caught up with…” 

These beliefs put someone else’s agenda ahead of yours. When you understand the importance of “putting your own oxygen mask on first,” you can start putting your priorities ahead of others. Believe it or not, you’re the customer!  

It’s All About Your Why  

You need to breathe life into your goals to give them power and endurance through all the storms that come your way.   

You may have heard it said, “When your why is strong enough, the how takes care of itself.”  

There’s truth to that. Wouldn’t it be great to know your goals can withstand any obstacle? Any setback? Any interference? That’s the power of why.  

Why you do what you do is more important than how you do it. If what you do has no meaning, the how becomes ordinary. Your work becomes average. You’re punching the clock. 

But, when you know why–and when that why aligns with your values–then what and how you work comes naturally. When you can see how your contribution benefits others while falling within your sweet spot, everything works. And yet, it doesn’t feel like work. 

Six Whys Technique  

So, how do we weatherproof our goals? We ask ourselves why they’re so important six times. It’s a technique I teach in my workshops.  

Let’s say my goal is to bid out janitorial service. I’ll ask myself why. It could be so I have a documented scope of service that my provider can follow. That’s the first why.  

Then I ask, “Why is THAT so important?” It could be so my janitorial team has a clear understanding of what makes a clean building. Why #2.  

Why is #3 that important? Because tenants don’t complain about a clean building.  

Why #4? Because tenants know they can rely on us to deliver exceptional service. 

Why #5? Because it makes them feel better about their workplace. 

Why #6? Because when they feel better, I feel better and look for ways to improve. 

Ah, there it is. When your why connects with your core, you’ve created an emotional tether to your goal. Deep down, your desire is to feel better to perform at your best. Do you see how the act of bidding out janitorial service can become so important? 

Test your goals by running them through the Six Whys Technique. It will protect them from the life’s inevitable storms and will enhance your appreciation of their value.  

That’s Step #4 on Upping Your Game. Now you’re all set up for the final key to making this whole thing work. Let’s do this. 

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