The ancient Greek philosopher Heraclitus said, “The only thing that is constant is change.”

Yet, we often resist change––particularly when it’s not our idea. We resist change because it creeps up on us just when we’re getting used to things after the last change.

But like it or not, change is here to stay. Even though…

Change can be disruptive.

Change can be difficult.

Change can be untimely.

But change can also hold incredible promise.

Recently, I’ve experienced some significant change in my life. Shortly after accepting a national training role with my employer, I learned the position was being eliminated.

My briefly held position was to change behaviors and norms about how we treat our customers. In essence, I was to become a catalyst for change. And, I was eager to deliver on that promise to change the way customers are treated.

But the universe had different ideas for me.

While I was just beginning to adapt to the new role, I’ll have to embrace the pivot back to the world of on-site management once again.

I would be given the opportunity to lead a new team of property management professionals and expand my knowledge of new client ownership expectations, team dynamics, skill sets and determine how best to serve.

While this professional position shift is in the midst of the transition process, I’ve recalled how I’ve gone after change lately.

Over the last year, I initiated a few lifestyle changes. After a six-year hiatus, I recently completed two triathlons and one aquathlon. I was pleasantly surprised by taking 2nd place in all three events (in my age group). That preparation took a deep commitment to change. I changed my workout habits. I changed my diet. And I changed my schedule to accommodate the conditioning training.

Was it worth it? Every bit of it!

As a late 50-something, I have a better body and more energy than men half my age. And professionally, I’m embracing a new horizon and excited about delivering results to my colleagues that will positively impact our customers.

Sure, it may be risky to adopt change. But considering there is no growth without risk—without pain—without struggle—I’ll take change any day over what we often strive for: “steady state.”

So my advice is to embrace change; navigate it with curiosity and open-mindedness, and watch your horizons unfold. Endless opportunities await.


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