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Announcing the premier release of this groundbreaking online success program designed specifically for today’s property managers, facility managers, community managers, general managers and their assistants, coordinators and administrators.

If you are…

checkmark_blue-grad_25x30Getting crushed by your increased workload

checkmark_blue-grad_25x30Working late to meet someone else’s deadlines

checkmark_blue-grad_25x30Coming home exhausted and emotionally drained

checkmark_blue-grad_25x30Losing the love of your job. Or worse…

checkmark_blue-grad_25x30Losing the love of your life because of your job…

…then it’s time to change course.

Hi. I’m Gip and I’m a property manager.

I’ve been in the commercial real estate industry since the mid ‘80s and, I’ve seen my share of ups and downs in the market.

But if you’re like me, you’ve seen nothing but “ups” with your workload. It seems that we’ve all been tasked with doing more with less.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed at the enormity of your workload and getting caught up never happens, I’m here to tell you there’s a way forward.

If you’re looking for clarity, build confidence and the ability to create a better future, please read on…



Gip Erskine, CPM®, CCIM®
Founder | Mentor | Teacher

Change Course

by EverSmarts™

Change Course is an online training experience created specifically for property managers like you who are tasked with doing more with less.

Change Course will guide you straight past the state of overwhelm and will help you focus on what matters and what works in your career and in your life.

Change Course was designed with you in mind to alleviate your immediate burdens, and retrain your brain to improve performance in key areas of your work and home life.

Change Course is intended to bring about serious career advancement and personal growth for serious professionals. It will enhance your life by enabling you to see who you are, what you want to become and how to get there.

Change Course allows you to see yourself and your surroundings with fresh eyes and accomplish your life goals with the quiet confidence that comes from knowing who you’re becoming in the process.

Change Course students understand the untapped wealth of their own human potential and are ready to benefit from transformational thinking.


By the end of the program, you will:

  • Know your own “highest and best use”
  • Have a crystal clear vision of exactly what to do and why
  • Know how to become laser focused on your most important work
  • Have a roadmap to achieve your life goals
  • Increase your effectiveness, value and income potential
  • Invest your time in things that matter

Here’s what you’ll get:

This 5-week online experience includes:

checkmark_white_25x80Weekly modules delivered straight to you with audios and videos designed to lead you step-by-step toward their completion. You’ll receive downloadable templates, tools and resources ready for your immediate use.

checkmark_white_25x40An exclusive, private group where I personally interact with you and is dedicated to answering questions, posing challenges, revealing strategies in an accessible online discussion forum.

checkmark_white_25x30Access to all Change Course training modules, resources and materials ad infinitum (e.g. forever)

Module 1: Preparing for Your Voyage

You’ll prepare your mind, your schedule, your space and direct your energy to giving you the best foundation for success in any new endeavor. In this module, you’ll understand the three common elements of high achievers and how you can step up into this rank with the right mindset.

Module 2: Calibrating Your Compass

Discover what you’re passionate about and bring your absolute “highest and best self” to your work. Here you will explore your values, beliefs, passions and understand how to prioritize your thinking.

When your actions and decisions are aligned with your crystal clear purpose, your work becomes more effortless.

Module 3: Envisioning Your Ideal Life

In this module, you’ll put your life purpose into a complete visual you can refer to again and again. Here you will use mental imagery to engage all of your senses that adds depth and richness to your ideal future.

Module 4: Charting Your Course

Combine your passions from Module 2 and vision from Module 3 and put them to work for you toward everything you want to be, do, have and give to the world. You’ll come away with your Master Goals List and a timeline built to accomplish them by. Here you will be in ideal alignment and bring relevance and significance to your goals. You’ll also apply the results from the process of exceptional inquiry to anchor your goals in ways you can’t imagine.

Not only will you create your Master Goals List in every dimension of your life, but also add the dimension of time and importance to bring relevance and significance to your goals. You’ll apply the results from the process of exceptional inquiry to anchor your goals in ways you can’t imagine.

Module 5: Treasuring Your World

In the final module, you will learn the most effective ways to achieve your goals with ease. It’s the secret “Goal Getting” formula revealed. You will discover how the links between, for example, your professional and financial goals, have a direct impact on your relational and spiritual goals.

You will come away with a system of moving toward your most important goals and knowing you’re on track each and every day.

What people are saying

Over the years I have found Gip to be a great professional to work with. He is a delight to do business with. He is a top commercial real estate operative.

Grant Laughlin

President & Founder, Laughlin Commercial Realty Group

Gip lights up a room when he walks in, pure and simple. Very quickly you realize how much substance and heart there is to this incredible man. He’s hands down one of my favorite people he will mesmerize your audience and leave them wanting more!

Audra Clay

Senior HR Business Partner | Executive Coach, Success Principles Coach, Speaker, Trainer

Gip is intelligent, goal oriented, selfmotivated, enjoys leading but also knows how to follow. He is courteous and respectful of others and is humble in victory and defeat!

Ken Kaminski

Executive Vice President and Head of Asset Management

I admired his focus to consistently put the client first. He was a great partner and a pleasure to collaborate with.

Tina Haubert

Managing Director, Global Accounts, The Executives' Club of Chicago

Gip pursued difficult assignments and was extremely well versed at overcoming obstacles on the front side that allowed him, the client and our firm to be successful down the road.

John Krieger

Executive Vice President, Jones Lang LaSalle



Bonus #1

SKY’S THE LIMIT Goal Setting Planner

Using this invaluable tool will enable you to not only capture all your life aspirations, but will position their attainment on your life timeline so you can envision exactly what you set out to achieve and when.

Bonus #2

LIVE Group Mentoring Calls

Throughout the Change Course duration, I will hold weekly interactive strategy sessions where we can connect and work with you in a live forum. On these calls, we will cover:

  • The common obstacles Property Managers face in their careers and how to overcome them
  • Overlooked ways to create more space in your day to achieve what’s most important in your career
  • Q&A about where you are in the online experience and where you may need guidance

PREMIUM PACKAGE: All bonuses from the Standard package plus:

Bonus #3

Life Goals Cash Flow Formula

Career goals and financial aspirations can either seem so distant or hard to get your mind around. This formula puts the power of cash flow forecasting to your life goals so you can see the impact it has on your life.

Bonus #4

Post Course Premium Alumni Calls

How often have you completed a program only to find you need more guidance? As a Change Course alumnus at the Premium level, you can attend eight, one-hour live post-course group mentoring calls with me to help put specific action steps in place for you.

PLATINUM PAGKAGE: Includes Standard and Premium bonuses plus:

Bonus #5

Private one-on-one consults

Diving deep within yourself can be liberating. Yet some find it vulnerable. This Premium level bonus includes five, 30-minute private consultations with me scheduled according to your availability throughout the Change Course experience. During these sessions, you will be guided and mentored down this path of discovery toward your most sacred goals.

Bonus #6

Virtual Mastermind Growth Accelerator

At the Platinum level, you can position yourself for maximum goal attainment and personal growth. You will be a part of five, one-hour Mastermind calls where you can experience accelerated growth through guidance from the collective energy of the group who can equip your with the right resources at the right time for your future success.

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A personal message from the Founder of EverSmarts™

Hi, it’s Gip. And THANK YOU for learning more about EverSmarts™ and our groundbreaking Change Course experience. It has taken me several years to develop, yet it will take only moments for you to create lasting change at work and in your home life. So please enroll right now as the offer expires soon! Don’t lose out on the bonuses or waste another moment working from someone else’s agenda. Take charge NOW!

I am honored to be able to provide you with timeless principles and tools that serve you well. I know Change Course will be as meaningful for you to implement as it has been for me to create. I look forward to serving you when you enroll.

Perpetual success to you on your voyage.

Gip Erskine, CPM®, CCIM®
Founder | Mentor | Teacher

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