This may sound weird for some property managers – especially around budget season – but I can’t wait to get to work. Here’s why.

In the last newsletter, I invited you to determine your values. Did you do it? Your attitude about your work, your relationships, your income, your vitality – everything lies within those results. In fact, the hierarchy of your values determines your destiny.

That’s why I am so excited. I’ve been soaking up volumes of research by Dr. John Demartini who created the values determination process. I’m putting his methods into practice in my own life. One of the exercises was profound.

I recently linked my job description to my highest values and voila: I experienced new-found inspiration from within! I became energized by seeing all the ways my job enabled the fulfillment of my highest values.

So, how excited are you about your job?

Is it a got to or get to? If you ever feel that you have to do something, you’re less likely to dive into your day, your project, or even a task. But, when you reframe it by changing your perspective, you become honored, humbled, and gratified by the opportunity to serve. You get to do the very things that are linked to what matter most in your life.

Link and Grow Rich

Ever heard of Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich? It was a unique book published in 1937 that compiled business advice from Andrew Carnegie, among other millionaires, on achieving outstanding success.

Beyond the obvious financial promises one might glean from the title, the book shares insights on how to succeed in all areas of life. These men knew their values and lived by them. That was the key to their phenomenal achievements.

The same is true when you know your values. Know your values and you’ll know what drives you. Link those values and you’ll be driven toward higher achievement. You’ll up your game by raising your standards. Your conduct and performance will reach new heights.

Life gets better when your contributions yield better results. Let’s explore how.

Linking Deconstructed

Try this exercise.

1. Determine your values – what’s most inspiring for you in your life right now.

2. List the Top 10 tasks you have as a property manager. Here are a few to get your wheels turning:

Vendor Management

  • Bidding services
  • Preparing contracts
  • Accounts payable
  • Progress meetings

Tenant Relations

  • Lease administration
  • Problem resolution
  • Service delivery
  • Emergency preparedness

Property Operations

  • Risk mitigation
  • Property inspections
  • Project management
  • Repairs and maintenance

3. Assign a value to each task on a scale of 1-7 where a 1 means you hate doing it and a 7 means you can’t wait to do it.

4. For each task, list as many answers as possible to the following question:

How does this task help me fulfill my highest values?

Shoot for 5 to 10 linkages for each task. The more tasks you have, the more links you make. The more links you make, the greater your appreciation for your job and everybody wins. Maybe then you too can’t wait to get to work!

I’m humbled and honored to share these powerful insights with you. Please let me know how you are linking your way to higher value and greater achievement.

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